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Check out this mix on @8tracks: Summer’s Coming To An End by Electric_Pine.

Check out this mix on @8tracks: Summer’s Coming To An End by Electric_Pine.

Check Out my new chill indie mix on @8tracks

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ROTW 5/31

Sorry about the lack of activity recently, I’ve been wicked busy. So here’s this week’s new release.

ROTW 5/24

Release of the week time! This week’s track is a funky new song from Deadmau5’ new album While(1 < 2). This is definitely something we’ve never heard from Deadmau5 before. The Motown bass intro is probably my favorite part of this track; aside form those chip-tune chimes.

                                                     ROTW 5/17

This week’s track is a dope chill-trap release by Andru. MISS U is a sweet track for ambiance, and is pretty good for an unknown artist. I love the subtle, echoing vocals that resonate throughout the song’s entirety.  

ROTW 5/10

     Sorry about the late upload guys, but it’s finally that time again. Honestly, it was a pretty lousy week for music, and there were very few decent releases. That’s why the week’s selection is a bit lousy. I pretty much chose this song because I’m a huge basshead and this is one the most unique tracks I’ve ever heard from Bassnectar.

     Now Ft. Rye Rye combines rap/trap elements that have always been in Bassnectar’s songs but this time the emphasis of the song is not the electronic elements, but the vocals. I personally don’t really care for the song compared to some of his other stuff, but its nice to hear some new stuff from him. 

-Make sure to stay tuned this weekend for an indie artist spotlight.

-Sean Sylvester

Hey, sorry about not having a track for you guys last week. I was flying down to Florida on Saturday and was drained by the end of the flight, and I was also hella sick. But this week I have a fresh new track.

The first ROTW of May is from Chrome Sparks, who’s a familiar face on this blog. His new release is The Meaning of Love, which is a dope track. The slow and steady bass beat is perfect for unwinding and chilling on this fine Sunday.

-Sean Sylvester


It’s been a rather dismal week for releases, but the few good songs that were released; were great. This week’s track is also very unique, because it is the recently released remix of the Pretty Light’s song Lost and Found. Now, the original title received the title of release of the week when it was uploaded to SoundCloud, but when the album was released this morning, the complete set list was on SoundCloud. So that’s basically how that whole mess happened. 

Odesza is one of my favorite artists, and I’ve been listening to a lot of his stuff recently. This remix is nothing short of the great stuff I’m used to Odesza releasing. Odesza’s iconic sound fits perfectly with the track, and I’d say it’s better than the original. 


     Sorry about the release of the week being a bit late, I was busy yesterday and just didn’t have time to search for  track. So the release of the week is another selection from the down tempo genre, which I’ve been getting really into recently. The genre perfectly coincides with the changing of seasons, and of the warmer weather that’s finally reached its way to New England. 

     View Point by Teebs isn’t all that impressive of a track, but it is pretty chill. Though it lacks any lyrics, it still conveys feelings of spring. I especially enjoy the ending where everything winds down and comes to a close. 


Sorry about posting the release of the week so late guys, I was busy today and didn’t have a chance to post earlier. But now it’s time, this week’s dope new track is ‘Goddess’ by Chrome Sparks. Probably one of the chillest intros I’ve ever heard, and definitely a new fave. I love Chrome Sparks trippy indie sound, and its like a progressive house version of pretty lights. 


Just this past weekend, one of my favorite annual electronic music festivals came to a close. I watched and listened to roughly 15 hours of various acts and overall I was very impressed. You may recall my earlier post in which I trashed Ultra and what it stands for, though I still don’t respect the ticket prices; I will admit that it went great.

I personally enjoyed the unique interpretations that many artists took when designing their sets. For instance, Krewella decided to stop at the climax of their set and played an acoustic song about having tolerance for those of the LGBT community. Another interesting take was Deadmau5, who ended up appearing to replace Avicii. Deadmau5 took the opportunity to troll the millions viewing the live stream as well as those in attendance. The Canadian DJ played a remix of Animals by Martin Garrrix, in which a popular children’s song played at the drop. Unfortunately many artists ignored their stage show this year and that was a bit upsetting.

My favorite set performed at Ultra this year is Deadmau5’ last minute set. Aside from trolling millions of fans, I also loved the tracks he played and it was never boring. He pulled out a lot of material that I’ve never heard him perform in a set before like his remix of Longest Road and Your Ad Here (which features several parts in which there’s 10 seconds of silence for an ad). Deadmau5’ stage show was terrible compared to his usual stuff, especially since he didn’t bring the cubes. For a last minute set though, I can overlook that. Deadmau5 has consistently been producing better and better music ever since Faxing Berlin, and I think this performance shows no sign of him slowing down anytime soon.

Sean Sylvester -Head Blogger

P.S. a big thanks to all of you have recently followed this blog!

Day 3 of Ultra is streaming now! Check it out if you wanna see some EDM legends http://dropthebassedm.tumblr.com/umf

Day 3 of Ultra is streaming now! Check it out if you wanna see some EDM legends http://dropthebassedm.tumblr.com/umf

It&#8217;s Ultra time! So far eveyone&#8217;s been killin&#8217; it at Ultra down in Miami, and there&#8217;s still a ton of good acts to come! Right now I&#8217;m live streaming it from the site so check it out at http://dropthebassedm.tumblr.com/umf

It’s Ultra time! So far eveyone’s been killin’ it at Ultra down in Miami, and there’s still a ton of good acts to come! Right now I’m live streaming it from the site so check it out at http://dropthebassedm.tumblr.com/umf